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Steel Pallets

steel pallets

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Steel pallets offer a tremendous ROI for companies in the food products, storage and distribution, chemicals, and related markets. At a price point that is less-expensive than a comparible plastic alternative, the steel pallet offers significant advantages of capacity, usability, and recycleability.We are a high quality manufacturer of various steel pallets, transport pallets, stillages and steel racks. Different surface finishing treatments are available with all pallets – we offer powder coating, wet painting, galvanizing or galvanized zinc. At the development stages, before and during construction of various pallets and racks, we work closely with our customers to meet their requirements, wishes and ideas safely and reliably and to very high standard of finish. Our customers have the choice whether they order a range from our extensive product portfolio or produce a special design to fit their specific business needs.As progressive companies move towards returnable shipping applications, we believe that we provide superior products that offer unmatched durability, stability, strength, and security that are the ultimate choice for tomorrow’s manufacturers.Benefits of steel pallets:Steel pallets meets ISPM #15 international shipping standards62 lbs., yet edge support rack capacity at 3,500 lbs.Static capacity of 40,000 lbs. and dynamic capacity of 10,000 lbs.Almost full top side coverage Pallet jack capable for flexbilityCleanable and fire resistent100% recycleable – green for the environmentPallets & PlatformsReusable Steel pallets and platforms last virtually forever, unlike plastic or wood pallets.Rounded edges, tabletop flatness and full-welded heavy gauge prime steel assure you of the highest quality and durability available.Steel Pallets with Galvanized FinishHeavy-duty non-reversible welded steel pallets. Usable fork openings are 3-7/8″ high. Model SPL-3636 has 4-way entry allowing for access for both fork and pallet trucks. Models SPL-4048, SPL-4248 and SPL-4848 have 2-way entry and allow access for fork trucks only. Hot-dipped galvanized finish offers rust resistance.Solid Deck Steel PalletHeavy-duty non-reversible welded steel solid deck pallet. Ideal to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. Usable fork pockets are 8.”W x 2.”H. Open end usable size is 35″W x 3.”H. Galvanized finish for rush resistance.Galvanized Welded Wire PalletsWelded wire pallets will stand up to heavy-duty use. Design allows for stacking. Four-way access with pallet truck and fork trucks. Open decking features 2″ x 4″ grid pattern. Usable height on open end is 3″. Usable eight on stringer end is 2?”. Understructure supports are made from 12 gauge steel. Decking is made from welded steel wire. Welded steel construction with galvanized finish.Aluminum PalletsThis is the pallet the food and chemical industries have always wanted. Easy to clean with a power washer. Stands up to high-power steam, brushes or pads. Features a non-skid surface for easy transportation of all products. Durable and re-usable. Heavy-duty welded aluminum construction.
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