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rolling ladder high quality cable ladder rack rolling equipment

rolling ladder high quality cable ladder rack rolling equipment

SKU: rolling ladder - 007

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:AOPENG
Model Number:AP-1317
Material:Steel, Metal
Feature:Folding Ladders
Type:Domestic Ladders
Structure:Step Ladders, Step Ladders
Thickness of tube:0.8/0.9mm
Colour:White /Gray/Red /Yellow/Green
Steps:2step to 5step
Max loading:150kgs
Step:7 Step
Thickness of step:0.8/0.9mm
Function:Folding Ladder
Warranty:1 Year
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Shrink with colour laber for each pcs,4pcs/ctn
Delivery Detail:30Days
1.Square Steel tube ,Non-slip peday
2.Suitable price ,with the TUV/GS certificate
3.Easy carry and storage.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Steel step ladder Hot sale SPECIFICATION
    Parameter Value
    OpenSize(mm) 1065*545*2050
    FoldingSize(mm) 545*90*2160
    Tops tepSize(mm) 238*230 ( 248 )
    Distancebetweenstep(mm) 220
    Distancebetweentopsteptotheground(mm) 1520
    LoadingCapacity(kgs) 150
    N.W/CTN(kgs) 1
    G.W/CTN(kgs) 1
    Packing shrink,label,2pcs/bundle
    PackingSize(cm) 220*14*5
    Qty/20’FC(pcs) 430
    Qty/40’HQ(pcs) 1070
    DeliveryTime 30~35days FEATURES
    1. Ladder’s stepsandtubemadeo fhighquality steel ,lightandeasytomove
    2. Smallsizeafterfolding. canbestoredconveniently Packing Delivery Sampleleadtime : 6-9 workingdays after wereceiving payment. Minimumorder : MOQ is 200 pcsper modelforOEM, Wecanofferdiscountifmorethan 1*40HQ oneorder. Ifuseourownbrand,MOQshouldbelessthan200pcs Packing : Export standard cartonfor package. Allmould , tooling and woodenpalletschargesforcustomers’specialpackagingwillbeoncustomer’saccount. Lable : Wecouldprovideroutinelabel,Extracostforcustomersspecialrequirements willbe paidby customer . After-sales Wegive 1 yearswarrantytoourcustomersfreely.Anyqualityproblem,wewillreplaceforfreewithin 1 years.Also,anyaccessories, Pleasemakesureusetheladdersincorrectway. wealwayssupportourcustomers. Attentions
    1. Erectladderonalevelbase.
    2. Erectladderonafirmbase.
    3. Faceladderwhenascendingordescendingladder. Applications Ladder arewidelyusedinstore,house,office ALLSIZE
    ITEMNO. HEIGHT (mm) FOLDSIZE (mm) N.W /PCS (kg) G.W /CTN (kg) 20FT 40HQ
    AP-1302 800 405*80*885
    4.2 1
    9.0 1140 2780
    AP-1303 1040 410*80*1150
    5.6 2
    4.3 860 2092
    AP-1304 1270 420*100*1420
    8.0 2
    6.0 660 1614 LoadingTest Whychoose AOPENGLadder ZhejiangAopengindustrial tradingcompanyisa laddermanufacturer.Withmanyyearsof professionalresearchand practiceit islikeashining starinourindustry. G eographicaladvantage : Ourcompanylocate d inChinaHardwareCentreYongkangCityandour new branchcompanyinChengduCity, Sichuangprovince , b othYongkangandChengduarefam ou s manufacturing centers . Brandadvantage: Thedomestic marketsharespreadsover 34provinces, our overseas marketsinclude Europe , America , MiddleEast andsomecountriesinAfrica. Wehave worked withsomewellknow n companies suchasWalmart, Lablaw, Carrefour, Rolan,Centaure andSonaeetc. Qualityadvantage : O urcompanyisapprovedtoIS09001 international quality management system certification.OurproductsalsocarryGS,ANSI,CEapproval. Deliveryadvantage : O urcompany couldc ompleteeach processbyourself,cutting, bending, drill ing, welding , punch ,painting, packing ofour fin ished ladders.Sowecane nsureaccuratedeliverytime . .
    rolling ladder high quality cable ladder rack rolling equipment
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    Ladders are one of the expert window cleaner’s most important tools besides his/her squeegee. Becoming able to access all the windows you are trying to clean is essential. After all, there is nothing even worse than obtaining to a job and recognizing that you don’t have the correct ladder.

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    There are also solitary framewarehouse ladders that are developed and constructed particularly for the aspect and rear of some boats. Allow’s look at a couple of safety suggestions that can keep you protected or even save your lifestyle. They are a regular course throughout the continent and are good for working day-to-day use at industry or at function. No task is worth taking a chance on being hurt or killed. For house use, when they will be resting under the stairs for most of their lifestyle, you don’t want an established of warehouse ladders that are as well large. A system on the stepladder provides an ideal working location to maintain tools and supplies.

    If you have to place a ladder on a surface that may be slippery make sure that you have someone keeping the base of the ladder. Wooden decks, tiles, etc. can be very slippery and might trigger the ladder to slip out from beneath you if not cautious. If your ladder is in the dirt, you are pretty safe. The feet of most extension ladders can be turned so that they dig into the ground adding extra security. When you place the ladder towards the wall make certain it is as near as feasible to the area you are operating. You do NOT want to be extending whilst operating. The farther you have to attain, the much more at risk you are of slipping. An additional rule of thumb is to not be on the leading rung. The farther down the ladder you are the secure. Optimally you would want to be at least 3 rungs from the leading.

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    If you have young children, use stairway gates to prevent falls. Use suitable lighting that is bright enough to light the way for all halls, porches, and entryways. Install handrails for your staircase and educate everyone to use them. Keep stairs clear of toys or other items, and instruct your children never to run or play on the stairway.

    It is necessary to be aware that the platform on which you are operating is safe, mainly this thing rely on the quantity of customers operating on it. Function platforms should be fitted on a plane surface area so that there is no shivering while working on it. The elevated working platform is well-liked these days. They are extensively utilized to have workers at the height for the upkeep of the outer partitions of the developing. We provide ladders in numerous size and dimension with the durability and the price which can be inexpensive by the customers. Ladder in every material both it is of wood or fiberglass or any other material; we provide all kind of ladders. Our goods satisfied our customers in every and each element; either it is safety or the cost.

    Take your time and don’t rush. Be prepared to use a couple of coats and consider time when going around wallpaper or ceramic tiles. Numerous occasions I have started a decorating job in the daylight, completed in synthetic mild and believed it was a job nicely carried out; only to uncover the subsequent working day in all-natural light that an additional coat is most definitely required! By no means consider an occupation completed until you’ve inspected it in daylight. Finally, clean your resources nicely so they’ll be ready for your subsequent Do-it-yourself task.