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roller rack Pallet Carton Flow Rack Roller Racking System

roller rack Pallet Carton Flow Rack Roller Racking System

SKU: roller rack - 002

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SDE
Model Number:SDE-XB
Type:Portable / Skid-Mount
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:1000-3000KGS
finish treatment:powder coating
certificates:CE, TUV, SGS, ISO9001:2008
lifespan:20 years
leading time:15 days
delivery term:FOB, CIF, EX-work
material:cold rolled steel
application fields:workshop, factories, live storage
life span:20 years

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Bubble plastic bag or paper carton
Delivery Detail:15 working days
Specificationsroller slide rack,boxes will slide along pulleys by dead weight:widely used in electronics, supermarkets and medical work shop,f

  • Description

    Product Description

    roller slide rack Carton flow rack is also called sliding type rack, using roller rail made of aluminum alloy, sheet metal. Because of the weight of goods rack, inventory from one side channel, pick up the goods on the other side channel to achieve FIFO, convenient storage, as well as a replenishment times pick up, Carton flow rack is of high storage efficiency, suitable for large quantities of goods of hort-term storage and sorting. Can be equipped with electronic label, easy management of goods, commonly used containers with sliding turnover box, parts boxes and cartons, suitable for large quantities of goods and short-term storage and sorting, Widely used in distribution center, assembly workshop and high frequency shipping warehouse. The features of roller slide rack, Carton flow rack structure characteristics: flow rack rail connected directly to the front and rear cross beam and a middle supporting beam, and the beams directly hung on the uprights, flow rack installation gradient depends on the container size, weight and flow rack depth, usually from 5% to 9%. Flow roller bearing capacity of only 6kg per piece, when the goods are heavier, can install 3-4 more roller in a race way. Usually in the diretion of depth every 0.6m mounted to a support beam to increase stiffness of the roller rail. When the race way is longer, can use a separation plate to sepeate the rolling rail. Pick up goods end need to install brake to decelerate the speed of the goods, reduce he impact. .
    roller rack Pallet Carton Flow Rack Roller Racking System
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