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plastic Pallet boxes Wheels HDPE Injection heavy duty plastic box pallet

plastic Pallet boxes Wheels HDPE Injection heavy duty plastic box pallet

SKU: plastic Pallet boxes - 049

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Vallink
Model Number:SV-W1
Type:Wire Container
Scale:Medium Duty
Capacity:500 kg
Rolling metal storage cage:rolling metal storage cage
Large steel cage:large steel cage
Stackable tire rack:stackable tire rack
Wire dia:
Mesh size:50*50 mm

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Packing with nylon bags or customized
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after payment

  • Description

    Product Description

    Foldable Box Pallet Stackable Rolling Metal Storage Cage Storage cage, have store items capacity fixed, piled up neat, depositing, facilitate inventory etc, and also improve the storage space utilization. In addition, the product is strong and durable, transportation is convenient, can be repeated use, can effectively reduce the storage enterprise human consumption and the packaging cost. The improved storage cage may put in the shelf, assembly line, also can stacking. Specification:
    item SV-W1
    material Steel
    size 1000*800*840 mm
    mesh size 50*50 mm
    wire diameter
    5.0 mm
    surface plating
    capacity 500 kg
    use warehouse, supermarket,store
    advantages (1)Using the high quality cold-rolled steel welded by hardening (2)High strength,and largeload capacity. (3)Specifications unity, capacity is fixed, the storage of goods be clear at a glance, and easy to the inventory. (4)Surface plating, beautiful oxidation resistance and long service life (5)Using international standards, and supporting the use of the container, effectively improve space utilization. (6)It can stack each other four levels, realize the three-dimensional storage. (7)Surface dealing is environmental protection, health immune, turnover, storing recovery will not pollute the environment. (8) Cooperate with forklift, cattle, elevators, crane equipment can be effectively homework (9)Folding structure, recovery with low cost,it is the packaging alternative product. Standard size :
    Size (mm) Mesh (mm) Wire (mm) Feet (mm) Weight (kg) Loading (kg)
    800*600*640 50*50
    4.8 100 2
    2.5 500
    800*600*640 50*50
    5.3 100 2
    5.5 600
    800*600*640 50*50
    5.6 100 2
    9.5 700
    1000*800*840 50*50
    4.8 100 33 600
    1000*800*840 50*50
    5.3 100 38 800
    1000*800*840 50*50
    5.6 100 45 1000
    1200*1000*890 50*50
    5.6 100 59 1200
    1200*1000*890 50*50
    5.8 100 64 1500 Quality Guarantee : Ourcompany has been certified byISO9001:2008 and owns perfect test equipment and methods . If you need to know more details, Pls feel free
    plastic Pallet boxes Wheels HDPE Injection heavy duty plastic box pallet
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