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plastic Pallet boxes China manufacture economic cheap plastic pallet box

plastic Pallet boxes China manufacture economic cheap plastic pallet box

SKU: plastic Pallet boxes - 029

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:E-SOON
Model Number:ES-P01
Type:pallet, Euro Pallet
Scale:Light Duty
Entry Type:4-way
Color:As customer’s request

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Nude Packing
Delivery Detail:2-3weeks

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description Plastic Pallet Shelves Specification:
    1 Description Plastic pallet
    2 Material HDPE/PP
    3 Size 1200x1000x150mm
    4 Weight 24kg
    5 Entry Way 4 Way
    6 Dynamic Load 1 ton
    7 Static Load 4 ton
    8 Rack Load 0.8 ton
    9 Quantity/container 20′ GP/40′ GP/40′ HC: 220/450/520pcs Plastic Pallet Sheles Advantage: Plastic pallets have substantially longer life. – Plastic pallets have fewer or no repairs. – Plastic pallets improve efficiencies due to standard dimensions and lack of broken board. – Plastic pallets offer better product protection no nails or broken boards to damage payload. – Plastic pallets offer better stability no damaged or missing boards causing spills or falling stacks. – Plastic pallets improve safety and lower workers compensation claims. – Plastic pallets allow for greater utilization of warehouse space stability and higher stacking. – Plastic pallets are cleaner and will not absorb moisture or bacteria no broken chips. – Plastic pallets provide more attractive product displays in retail applications color options. – Plastic pallets cause less damage to retailer’s floors. – Plastic pallets are lighter weight and easier to handle possibly greater payloads on trucks. – Plastic pallets offer unique color and brand allowing owners to identify and separate their pallets.
    plastic Pallet boxes China manufacture economic cheap plastic pallet box
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