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pallet jack hand pallet jack 3000kg 3t hand manual forklift

pallet jack hand pallet jack 3000kg 3t hand manual forklift

SKU: pallet jack - 012

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JWM
Model Number:JM2
Lift Drive / Actuation:Hand
Type:Manual Pallet Truck
Load Capacity:2000kg
Min.fork height:85mm
Max.fork height:200mm
Fork Size:1520*550*1600mm

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Standard Export Packing ( Hand hydraulic pallet truck )
Delivery Detail:With 3-15 days after receiving your deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product description Hand hydraulic pallet truck The Hand Pallet Tuck is the ideal "storage aid" and "handling partner" for all manual transport tasks over short distances, suitable for use on lorries, in small warehouses and markets etc.
    Model JW2 JW3
    Capacity 2000kg 3000kg
    Min.forkheight 85mm 85mm
    Max.forkheight 200mm 200mm
    Drivingmethod manual manual
    Weight 65kg 75kg
    Size 1520*550*1600mm 1520*550*1600mm Product highlights 01 Oil pump Oil pumpis for whole sealed, the key parts adopt Germany import original, eradicate drawbacks of oil spilling, the pistons are processed by chroming, firm structure, the overload protection of the internal relief valve effectively avoid overloading, the descending speed control valve adopt whole parts. Using the truck meet more the needs. 02 Comfortable handlebar Inclined handlebar accord with the principles of human body engineering. It has lifting, carrying, putting down three functions, operating safely, simple and flexible. 03 High strength pallet fork Pallet fork and triangular plate adopt integral forming process and the fork plugs adopt tapered design. Also strengthening the units on the back to ensure that the pallet fork has never deformation during using. Our pallet fork surface electrostatic spray, high resistance to wear, do not fade. 04 High-quality steel plate Adopting High-quality steel plate is the most hard steel in China, wear resistance, using for a long-term without deformation. 05 White nylon wheels White nylon wheel, the surface is relatively hard, pulling up lightly, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It’s suitable for cement and grounds. If the goods are very heavy, it’s better choose the light white nylon wheels. Features:
    1.The simple and compact pump body,easy to repair. Advanced and proven hydraulic technique,high quality and good performance.
    2. Turning point of the key institutions are equipped with oil-free self lubricating bearings and injection nozzles,it can reduce operating power,reduce noise and prolong the truck’s life.
    3. Standard handle with more scientific ergonomic design, improves the comfortableness and reduces the fatigue
    4. Single and tandem wheels can be opted for different market
    5. All the finished machine have the pass of stress test. Application Hand pallet truck is a low altitude lifting and short distance transportation. Its characteristic is small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful work style, simple operation, good seal performance, work safety and reliability. Applicable to warehouse, ports, loading bays etc. In solid surfaces, lifting carrying heavy loads.It is also widely apply to Wharf,supermarketsandshoppingmalls,factory, exhibitionhallandlibrary.
    pallet jack hand pallet jack 3000kg 3t hand manual forklift
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