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pallet jack 2000Kg Hydraulic Hand Pallet Jack Sale in China

pallet jack 2000Kg Hydraulic Hand Pallet Jack Sale in China

SKU: pallet jack - 007

Place of Origin:Shanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:STCC
Model Number:STCC00029-2
Lift Drive / Actuation:Hand
Color:Customer Demanded
Product name:Hydraulic Pallet Truck Trolley

Packaging & Delivery
Delivery Detail:30 DAYS

  • Description

    Product Description

    3TON PALLET JACK STCC-S0102 Product Description Capacity: 3Ton; Load center distance: 500mm Dead weight: 70-80kg; The front wheel size: ø180*150mm; The rear wheel size: ø80*70/74*70mm; Lifting Height: 200/190mm; Reduced Height: 85/75mm; Overall length: 1534/1604mm; Fork Size: 54/160/1150mm; Fork Width: 520/550/685mm; Tuming Radius: 1249/1319mm. Packaging Shipping
    Packing Detail: hand pallet jack, 6PCS/PALLET, For 1150x550mm size: 180pcs of hand pallet truck (30 pallets) in 1×20’GP. For 1220x685mm size: 144pcs of hand pallet truck (24 pallets) in 1×20’GP Our Services High Quality, High effectiveness, Low cost, Try my best, get your goal!
    pallet jack 2000Kg Hydraulic Hand Pallet Jack Sale in China
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