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medium duty shelving Warehouse steel medium duty long span shelves

medium duty shelving Warehouse steel medium duty long span shelves

SKU: medium duty shelving - 030

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:AIVIS
Model Number:LSR
Type:Boltless / Rivet Shelving
Feature:Corrosion Protection, Adjustable
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:150-600kg/layer
Color:Bule for upright, orange for beam or RALsystem
Finish:Powder coating

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:PE Film+Carton+Packing Belt
Delivery Detail:Within 25 Days after Confirmed Deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description Production Features: Long span shelving is widely used in factory and warehouse. Cut-in and step beam structure makes it easy to assemble. The load per level ranges from 150kg to 600kg. There are two types of upright frame, 2-upright structure and 3-upright structure, which is chosen based on the load and depth. And the shelving can be decorated with divider board, steel plate and mesh wire if needed. Height, depth and length are chosen according to clients’ storage needs.
    1.Boltless and cut-in composite structure.
    2.T he shape of the beam is P,the load capacity reaches to 600kg/level.
    3.Widly used in all kinds of industries.
    4.With using the climb ladder,rack height can be more than 3000mm.
    5.This rack can be used alone or arranged by row,especially used in Mezzanine. Production details:
    Racking style Long Span Shelving/ Medium Duty Shelving Rack
    Load Capacity Dimension: Loading capacity: 150-600 kgs / level.
    Frame width:400,500,600,700,800mm
    P Tube Beam size:50*30*
    1.5P, 90/100/110/120/130/140*50P
    length: 1000-2600mm
    Specail sizes also avaiable to specific storage needs.
    Main Parts Specs: Frame,beam,shelf,footplates and other accessories.
    Pitch 50mm
    Material: Q235 Steel
    Surface treatment: Powder Coated or galvanized Finish.
    Quick Delivery: Within 25 days for ordinary order quantity.
    Certification: SGS,ISO14001 and CE. Product and Project Showing: Medium duty shelving rack with load capacity of 150-300kg/layer Medium duty shelving rack with load capacity of 250-600kg/layer Packaging Shipping The packing of parts is as in below photos.Pls let us know if you have requirement on packing. Our Services Trial assembling of the semi-finished racks and finshed racks before shipment
    medium duty shelving Warehouse steel medium duty long span shelves
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