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medium duty shelving medium heavy duty metalware boltless shelving

medium duty shelving medium heavy duty metalware boltless shelving

SKU: medium duty shelving - 010

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:kumeijie
Model Number:Selective
Type:Selective Pallet Rack
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
1, ISO9001 2008
Weight Capacity:500kg-3000kg
Width:customized is available(1m-4m)
Height:customized (1m-12m)
Pitch Holes:50mm
Color:Blue,orange or customized color
Weld:co2 welded
Usage:warehouse storage
Surface Treatment:powder coated
Size:can be customized
Warranty:2 years
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:With air bubble film package, or according to customer’s requirements
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after receiving your deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Easy Assemble Storage Medium Duty Shelving Palletrackingisdesignedtostorepalletcargoenablingyoutomakefulluseofthestoragespace.Withawiderangeofoptionalsolutionsandcomponentsavailable.Wecandesignspecialpalletrackingaccordingtoyourrequirements.
    Use: Warehousestoragerack
    Structure: Canbeassembledanddismantledeasily
    Loadingcapacity: 100-3000Kgperlevel
    Materials: HighqualitysteelQ235B/SS400
    Beams: Pshapebeamsor Box beams
    Colors: Blue SafetyOrangeorcustomized
    Sample: Available
    Leadtime: 15workingdays
    S urfacetreatment: Leadfreeepoxyelectrostaticpowdercoating
    Packing: W ithairbubblefilmpackage,oraccordingtocustomer’srequirements
    Freeaccessories: Horizontal diagonalbracings,baseplates,safetylockingpins,bolts nutsandallnecessarycomponents. Abouttheuprightcolumn:
    2. Thelateralholesontheuprightcolumncanhelptransfertotheloadverticallydowntheupright.Throughtheseholesbeamscanbemountedintotheuprightcolumn. ParametersofUprightColumn:
    Width*Depth 80*60 90*60 90*70 100*70 120*95
    2.5 AboutBeam: Differentspecificationsofbeamsareavailableforvariousbearingrequirements. BaseplatesandShims: Theuprightcolumnmustbeequippedwithbaseplates.Thebaseplatescanprovideasteadysupportingsurfacefortheuprightcolumn,thebearingcapacityscatteredinarationalarea,aswellashelpingtofixtheuprightcolumntotheground. BeamConnectorandSafetylock: Ourbeamconnectorisdesignedwithincreasedsidewaysresistance.Thespeciallydesignedhookishighperformance,beingabletobeartheverticalloading. Eachbeamisfittedwithasteelsafetylock.Thiscannotonlyensurethatthebeamiscorrectlypositioned,butalsohelpspreventthebeamfromdislodgingduringitswork.Safetylocksarefixedtothebeamconnectorwhenthepalletrackingispackaged. Aproperlydesigned warehouserackingsystem savesyoumoneyby: Reducinglaborcostsinthestockingandselectingofgoods . Reducingdamagedgoodsbystoringtheminthetyperackingdesignedforthatproduct . Postponingtheneedtoexpandormovebymaximizingthestoringefficiencyofyour currentspace . Pleaseinformusthefollowinginformationinyourinquiryforaquickquotation: 1)Floorplan. 2)Width,depthandheightforeachsection. 3)Howmanylevelsforeachsection. 4)Loadingcapacityforeachpalletorforeachlevel. 5)Howmanystarterbaysandadderbaysyouneed. 6)Whatcolor. Any questions, please feel free to
    medium duty shelving medium heavy duty metalware boltless shelving
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