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medium duty shelving medium heavy duty drop panel longspan shelving

medium duty shelving medium heavy duty drop panel longspan shelving

SKU: medium duty shelving - 077

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAYUAN
Model Number:JY-MW15005
Type:Plate Type
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Weight Capacity:300-500KG/layer
Step Beam:40*60mm
Color:Any color
Surface finish:Powder-coating
Guarantee:2-3 years

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Warehouse Metal Shelving/Medium duty Racking system for warehouseUpright/frame: 4pcs/package by bubble foamBeam: 8 pcs/package by buccle foamShelf board: 8 pcs/package by cartonLocker: carton
Delivery Detail:Generally 15 working days upon receiving the deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Medium duty metal rack of warehouse storage equipment system Product Description production Description: 1)Appropriateforpickingheavygoodsbypallet. 2)Highstrengthanddurability. 3)Highprecisionrollingcomponents. 4)Easyforcompleteinstallation. 5)Aralditestaticpowdercoating. 6)Abundantaccessories.. 7)Everylayeroftheboardcanbeadjustedfreely; 8)Colorandsizecanbeadjustedaccordingtoyourrequirements. 9)Theheavy-dutystandingpostsisgoodlookingandanti-rustwithfinepowder-coating. 10)Differentthickness,size,layers,andcolorsareavailableforyoutochoose Beam feature: 4holes11"*2"*5"Pshapebeam,slottedconnection boltedconnection.Beamscanbeadjustedevery2". A,Hotrolledsteelmoulding,bearingevenly. B,Variousspecificationandloadcapacitytomeetdifferentstoragerequirements. C,Beamhitchsteel’steetharedesignedtodifferentdirection;thisnotonlymakestheteethforincreasedrigidity. D,Connectionbetweenbeamsandpillarsareperformedbysafetyboltsandclips. E,Optionalaccessoryisnameplateholder. Uprightsfeature: Inclinedbeamhastwotypelonger,oneisusedlooselyfortheupperoftherack,theshorterdenselyforthelowertoimprovethebearanceandsolidity. A,Polyhedronwiththirteenfaces. B,Pitchis50mm,beamisadjustable. C,Triangleholeeasilytightenstohitchsteelandstrengthenstheloadcapacityofposts. Bracings: thehorizontalanddiagonalbaronstandingcolunmissquaretube,noC-shaped,squaretubeis30*50,30*30,andsoon. Supportformetalbox Usedforplacingmeshboxandmetalcontaineretc.withstackingfeet,safeandreliable. Woodshelfandsupportbar: Theplywood,20mmthick,isinthesalienceofknighthead.Eachpallethasapairofknighthead. Metalshelf: Thesteelmaterial:coldrollingsteel,SPCC,DC0
    1.2mm, Safetylocker: Locker,bolted,pinformakingracksstability,morestrong. Protector/barrier: Locatedatthesidesorcornersofshelvingtobeawayfromimpactbyforklift. Palletstopper: Forpalletstop,speciullyforforkliftintopoppration. Row-spacer: Row-spcaer,tobetwolinesrackconnected. Benefits Features: ·Knock-downcomponentsreducefreightcosts. ·FlexibilityinDesign ·Easytoreconfigureorrepair. ·Availableinpaintedorgalvanizedfinish l
    2,Q195/Q235B l
    2,Beamadjustment:Thebeamlevelsareadjustable l
    3.Procedure:Moulding+Acidcleaning/orSandcleaning+Phosphating+Degrease+Dryness+Powdercoat+Polymerization l
    4.Finishing:Epoxy-PolyesterCoating l
    5.rackingcolor:manycolorsareavailablesuchasorange,blueandsoon. l
    2. Packaging Shipping package pcitures:
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