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medium duty shelving Medium duty warehouse storage shelving with CE

medium duty shelving Medium duty warehouse storage shelving with CE

SKU: medium duty shelving - 071

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Vallink
Model Number:SV-M1
Type:storage rack
Feature:Corrosion Protection, foldable, collapsible
Use:Warehouse Rack, warehouse,supermarket
8, ISO9001:2008
Weight Capacity:250kg
Width:1800 mm
Height:2000 mm
Medium Duty Warehouse Steel Rack:Medium Duty Warehouse Steel Rack
Factory Medium Duty Pallet Rack:Factory Medium Duty Pallet Rack
Color:blue and yellow
1.1 mm
1.2 mm
Surface:powder coating

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Packing with wrap film or customized
Delivery Detail:15 – 20 days
SpecificationsStorage Shelving Medium Duty Warehouse Steel Rack
2.It is foldable,collapsible
3.Can customized

  • Description

    Product Description

    Storage Shelving Medium Duty Warehouse Steel Rack Specification:
    item SV-M1
    material Steel
    size 1800*500*2000 mm
    upright 80*40*
    1.2 mm
    beam 60*40*
    1.1 mm
    surface powder coating
    capacity 250 kg
    use warehouse, supermarket,store
    advantages 1)Color and size can be extended and adjusted according to you requirement; 2) Low cost ,high safety and smooth surface; 3) High quality and good appearance; 4) Easy to install and dismantle; 5) This type of rack has good loading ability and can be assembled and disesteemed easily; 6) Apply to handle the medium goods by manpower; 7) The reliable and efficient service before and after deal.
    Standard Specifications
    Depth of Frame(mm) Height of Frame(mm) Length of Beam(mm)
    400 1800 800
    450 2000 1000
    500 2500 1200
    600 3000 1500
    700 3500 1800
    800 4000 2000
    900 4500 2300
    1000 5000 2500 Ourcompany has been certified byISO9001:2008 and owns perfect test equipment and methods . If youwant to know more details, Pls don’t hesitate to
    medium duty shelving Medium duty warehouse storage shelving with CE
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