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medium duty shelving Medium duty shelving for supermarket and store

medium duty shelving Medium duty shelving for supermarket and store

SKU: medium duty shelving - 065

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:WELLAND
Model Number:CJ12045180A7C
Type:Multi-Level, heavy duty
Material:Stee Wire, carbon steel
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Weight Capacity:200-250kgs
Finish:chrome( suitable for dry environment)
Salty and Spray Testing:24 hours

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Packing:1 Set/ Export Standing Brown box;
Delivery Detail:30 days

  • Description

    Product Description

    Approval Medium Duty Wire Shelving – Eport to 50 Countries 15 Years Wire ShelvingManufacturer with Cert., Eport to 50 Countries Article: 7 Tiers Medium Duty wire shelving Item no.: CJ12045180A7C Medium Duty wire shelving Specifications:
    1) Dimensions (L x W x H): L1200xW450 x H1800MM
    2) Materials: carbon steel, PP
    3) Pole dia.: 25 x
    1.2mm thickness
    4) Surface finish: powder coated in white
    5) Loading capacity : 800lbs per layer of shelf
    6) Outer Packing: 1 set / brown box
    7) Carton dimensions: L1210xW460xH300mm Medium Duty wire shelving Features: * Heavy duty shelf structure withhigh quality finish * Freely adding on shelves and adjusting each shelf’s height at will * Easy to assemble and dismantle, no tools required * Use for everywhere of your home warehouse, saving much space for your room * Many sizes of wire shelves are available Medium Duty wire shelving Available shelves: ( wire gap: 20mm) 14"x24" 18"x24" 21"x24"24"x24" 14"x30" 18"x30" 21"x30" 24"x30" 14"x36" 18"x36" 21"x36" 24"x36" 30"x36" 36"x36" 14"x42"18"x42" 21"x42" 24"x42" 14"x48"18"x48" 21"x48" 24"x48" 30"x48" 36"x48" 14"x54" 18"x54" 21"x54" 24"x54" 14"x60" 18"x60" 21"x60" 24"x60" 30"x60" 36"x60" 14"x72"18"x72" 21"x72" 24"x72" 30"x72" 36"x72" Medium Duty wire shelving Available Posts as follows: 24" 30" 36" 54" 63" 66"71" 74" 78" 86" 96" Medium Duty wire shelving Surface Finish as follows: Chrome Plated Powder Coating Poly-Z-Brite plated covered by Powder Coating Stainless Steel 201 Stainless Steel 304 Wire Shelving Rack is made of thicker wire and smaller wire gap than normal’s . that it can load about 300kgs~400kgs per shelf . Very Strong Sturdy for industrial andcommercial usage . We are supplying commercialwire shelving,warehouse rack ,warehouse shelf,storage shelf,storage rack,wire rack,wire shelf,wire shelving,metal rack,metal shelf,steel rack,steel shelf etc. .
    medium duty shelving Medium duty shelving for supermarket and store
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