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medium duty shelving medium duty display shelves for retail stores

medium duty shelving medium duty display shelves for retail stores

SKU: medium duty shelving - 024

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:XIAOYU
Model Number:XY-L521
Type:Boltless / Rivet Shelving
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Depth:as require
Weight Capacity:200-1000kgs/layer
Layer:4-6 layers
Surface treatment:electrostatic powder sprayed
Panel:steel 0.7mm
Advantages:can be customized according to customer’s requirement
material:cold rolled steel Q235 or SS400
shelf board:new board
color:international RAL color code and panton color code
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
1.standard simple export package
2.according to customer’s requirement
Delivery Detail:20 work days after get 30% deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Longspan adjustable medium duty shelving Product Description Shelfrackingsystemisdesignedwheregoodsarenothandledinpallets,butstoredandremoved manuallyfromtheshelves.
    1.Advantages: 1) Storingboxes,packagesorloosematerials 2) Adaptsquicklyandeasilyforanyloadconfiguration 3) Extensionispossibleatanytime 4) Shelvesareadjustableper50mminheight
    2.The capacity of the shelf racking: 1) The standard size of the upright: 55*60*
    1.0mm, 55*60*
    1.2mm, 55*60*
    1.5mm 60*80*
    1.8mm, 60*80*
    2.0mm; 2) Color: Blue, other colors accroding to clients’ request . 3) Racking surface treatment is static powder coating; 4) Upright frame include 2 uprights, several bracing and Bolts. Special requests of the upright style and size can be designed according to the customer’s requests. Sprcification:
    Size(mm) Upright frame(mm) Beam(mm) Shelf panels thickness(mm) Layer Load capacity(kg)/layer
    2300*800*3000 70*90*
    2.0 50*100*
    1.5 0.6 3 1500
    2300*1000*3000 70*100*
    2.0 50*120*
    1.5 0.7 3 2000
    2300*1200*3000 70*110*
    2.0 50*140*
    1.5 0.8 3 2500
    2500*800*3000 70*90*
    2.0 50*100*
    1.5 0.6 3 2000
    2500*1000*3000 70*100*
    2.0 50*120*
    1.5 0.7 3 2500
    2500*1200*3000 70*110*
    2.0 50*140*
    1.5 0.8 3 3000
    2700*800*3000 70*100*
    2.0 50*100*
    1.5 0.6 3 2500
    2700*1000*3000 70*120*
    2.0 50*120*
    1.5 0.7 3 3000 Product Details Theshelfrackhasgoodappearanceandscientificstructure.Itisconsistedofverticalcolumns, crossbeams,narrowhanging,widehanging,layerplates,safetypins,limitingnailsandplasticfooting.
    2.Forshelfboardshow: wehave2kindsofshelfboard:flatsurface(oldboard)andwrinklesurface(newboard)called213 asthepictureshow :
    3.Quotation Require
    1. Racksize(L* W*H)
    2. Howmanylayersandweightcapacityperlayer?
    3. Quantityorprovidewarehousedrawing Packaging Shipping Production Flow
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