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medium duty shelving light medium heavy duty sliding metal shelves

medium duty shelving light medium heavy duty sliding metal shelves

SKU: medium duty shelving - 028

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:top-notch Medium duty adjustable shelving
Model Number:Medium duty adjustable shelving TN-R003
Type:Boltless / Rivet Shelving
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:500kg
type:Medium duty adjustable shelving
surface treatment:epoxy powder coating
warehouse shelf capacity:300-3000kg
material:cold rolled steel
solution:warehouse shelf CAD desgin

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Standard Export Carton and Bubble Film.
Delivery Detail:7-10 days after order confirmation.
Specifications*Medium duty adjustable shelving;*epoxy powder coating;*size:L2000*H2000*W600mm;*simple and quick assembly and disassembly

  • Description

    Product Description

    Medium duty adjustable shelving *epoxy powder coating; *size:L2000*H2000*W600mm; *simple and quick assembly and disassembly; *these Medium duty adjustable shelving arespeciallydesignedtomeettherequirementsofeconomic,modernandrationalwarehouse. Theserackscanhandlelight,mediumandheavydutymaterialeffectivelyandefficiently.Withthesupportofadeptteam, weareabletoinstalltheracksatclientsite. *Ourfactoryspecializesinprovidingawiderangeof Medium duty adjustable shelving toourclientsatindustryleadingprices.Theseracksfindwideusageinthewarehousesoftextile,pharmaceuticals,chemicals,logistics,cement,food,automobileandotherindustries.Thesearefabricatedusingsuperiorqualitymetalthatensureslongservicelife. Medium duty adjustable shelving feature Easytoassemble,Sturdy toughconstruction,Perfectfinish Large strongcomponents Capacityofbearingheavyload Medium duty adjustable shelving with Wideuprightsanddeepframes Enhancedperformanceatlowercost flexibilityandeasymaintainabilityandotherapplications. usingqualityrawmateriallikehighgradesteeloptimumspaceutilizationtodisplaylargenumberofitems The Medium duty adjustable shelving havehighstorageareawithspaciousandcomfortmeasures.PalletRacksaremadeusingqualitysteel.Thesepallet rackaredurableandcanstoreawidevarietyofgoods.Theseareknownforfreestandingandprovidecosteffectivestoragesolutionforalltypesofpallets. Weofferthe Medium duty adjustable shelving Systemsintheheavydutycapacityandtheyareavailablewithbeamsandinsteel.Theyareavailableinvariousheightslike50,50.
    5..Theyarewidelyusedinstorageunits,warehousesetcatshippingyards,factories,orindustrialsites.Theyaremadehighqualitymaterials,therebymakingthemdurableandrobustinconstruction,hasslefreemaintenanceandeconomicalinspace.Weofferthematanaffordableprice Medium duty adjustable shelving specification:
    Beamsize Upright60*40*
    1.2mm Upright80*50*
    1.2mm Upright80*45*
    1200mm 859kg 1984kg 4345kg
    1500mm 550kg 1270kg 2780kg
    1800mm 383kg 882kg 1931kg
    2000mm 311kg 717kg 1572kg
    2500mm 198kg 455kg 997kg Medium duty adjustable shelving ColumnHeights:2400mm,3000mm,3600mm,4200mm,4800mm,5400mm ArmLengths:600,750,900,1200and1500mm ColumnCentres:900,1200,1500,1800and2400mm WeightCarryingCapacity:Arm-Maximumload820kg(subjecttodesign) Column:MaximumLoad3200kg Finish:PowderCoatedOrangeandHotDippedGalvanized CustomMade:SpacerackcandesignandbuildaMediumDutyCantileverRacktosuityourspecificneeds Medium duty adjustable shelving pictures: e shelf warehouse shelf warehouse shelf warehouse shelf warehouse shelf Medium duty adjustable shelving .
    medium duty shelving light medium heavy duty sliding metal shelves
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