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medium duty shelving guangzhou medium duty sliding storage shelves

medium duty shelving guangzhou medium duty sliding storage shelves

SKU: medium duty shelving - 006

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number:WZ
Type:Plate Type
Material:Stainless Steel, Q235
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
1, ISO9001
Weight Capacity:500kg/lever
Height:2000-3000mm, 2000-3000mm
Loading Capacity:100-500kg
Size:Customized Size
Rack Color:Blue
Surface treatment:Powde Coated
Product Name:medium duty shelving

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Packing with export carton box
Delivery Detail:20 days after receiving the deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Cold rolled medium duty shelving Medium duty shelving •Minimizesconstructioncost •Temporarystorage •Canbeusedasextensionsforconstructions •Storagecanbeincreasedtothehighestlevel •Canutilizetheholespaceforstorage •Lessexpensive •Canholdagreatdensityofstorage Product Description
    1.Heightsfrom2 0 00mmto1 000 0mm
    3.Rackbearing capacityfrom 1 00to 3 000 k gperlevel
    4.Rawmaterial: Q235B Steel 5 .Surfacetreatment:powdercoating 6 . Deliverydate:20daysafterthedeposit 7 . Packingdetails: Wrappedbybubblefoam and export paper carton RANK APPLICATIONS: Lightdutyshelfcapacity:100kgperlevel Middledutyshelfcapacity:100-500kgperlevel Heavydutystoragerackcapacity:500-3000kgperlevel Cantileverstoragerackissuitableforlongandroundshapedmaterial Rollerrackissuitableforproductionline Mezzaninerackissuitableforlightcargos,manualoperationandsituationoflargequantitystock Supermarketshelfserials,wehavetypesofbackpanel,backmesh,rackwithfourpostsandnetrack. Customerizedrack Boutiqueshowcases,shoppingmallcounters,displayrack Storagerackaccessories:Metal,Plasticpallets,Steelstackrack,Rollcontainer,Trolley Packaging Shipping Our Services Weservicedomesticandworldwideclients,wehavepassedISOcertification. Makenewdesignaccordingtoclients’requirements Qualitytestbeforedelivery On-timedeliverydate Quickbackupservices
    medium duty shelving guangzhou medium duty sliding storage shelves
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