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medium duty shelving factory medium duty department store shelving

medium duty shelving factory medium duty department store shelving

SKU: medium duty shelving - 001

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:LW
Model Number:medium duty rivet shelving
Type:Boltless / Rivet Shelving
Material:Stainless Steel
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Weight Capacity:280kg per shelf
product name:cheap medium duty rivet shelving
product model:medium duty rivet shelving
heavey duty shelving:280KG
lenght size:70cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm, etc
width size:30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 60cm, etc
heigth:150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, etc
color:any color
Packaging:1pcs per box
certificate:GS, ISO9001

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:1pcs medium duty rivet shelving per caton or as buyer’ requirements
Delivery Detail:T/T 30% in advance,then the balance against the copy of BL

  • Description

    Product Description

    Buying Guides Why do you need cheap medium duty rivet shelving Properlystoreditemsdonotgetdamaged. De-clutteryourwarehouse., garage, etd. Raiseitemsoffthefloorforsafety. Beabletolocateitemseasily. Storemorebyusingyourstorageareafully. Very popular model body size:
    Body size(L*W*H) Frame Angle thickness Beam thickness MDF thickness Centre cupport
    700X300X1500 0.9mm 0.9mm
    6.2mm 0.9m
    900X400X1800 0.9mm 0.9mm
    6.2mm 0.9mm
    900X450X1800 0.9mm 0.9mm
    6.2mm 0.9mm
    1.3mm Product Description Metal garage shelving units F eatures: Z beam construction for strength and rigidity assembles in minutes with just a hammer (no nuts or bolts required) Weight capacity: up to 4000 lbs distributed evenly over the entire unit 5 particle board shelves support loads Shelves adjust every 1-1/2" and have a durable black finish Description: Store and organize your items with this medium duty rivet shelving. This medium duty rivet shelving features a Z beam construction for added strength and rigidity, so that these shelves will be able to handle lots of weight. The five shelves are made of MDF board and are specifically designed to support heavy loads. These shelves can also be adjusted every inch and a half, so you can assemble and adjust the 5-Shelf Heavy Duty Shelving to fit your needs. Thismedium duty rivet shelving can hold up to 4000 lbs as long as the weight is distributed evenly over the entire unit. This medium duty rivet shelving is ideal for storing tools and other heavy equipment in the garage, warehouse, tool shed or even your greenhouse Our productscheap medium duty rivet shelving have 5 advantages 1) 280KG Capacity per shelf (2) easy assemble (3) Free combination One piece of shelving could to be two work bench, corner bench (4) Environmental protection (5) wide range of usage Packaging Shipping 0ne piece of shelving units per carton with color label,or as customer’s requirements. Productsquantity :
    Size MDF board thickness GW/NW. Each shelf capacity loading quantity/20’GP
    7.0mm 25kgs /24kgs 265Kgs 940pcs /20’GP
    7.0mm 27kgs /26kgs 265kgs 720pcs/20’GP
    7.0mm 32kgs /31kgs 265kgs 680pcs /20’GP
    7.0mm 29kgs/28kgs 265kgs 760pcs/20’GP
    7.0mm 40kgs /39kgs 350kgs 480pcs /20’GP
    6.0mm 19kgs/18kgs 165kgs 1100pss/20’GP
    6.0mm 17kgs/16kgs 165kgs 1250pcs/20’GP
    6.0mm 15kgs/14kgs 150kgs 1430pcs/20’GP
    6.0mm 17kgs/16kgs 165kgs 960pcs/20’GP
    Our Services Why choose our medium duty rivet shelving?
    1.pre-saleservices Actasagoodadviserandassistantofclientenablethemtogetrichandgenerousreturnsontheirinvestments. 1)selectequipmentmodel 2)designandmanufactureproductsaccordingtoclients’specialrequest 3)traintechnicalpersonnelforclients.
    2.servicesduringthesale 1)Recheckandacceptproductsaheadofdelivery 2)Helpclientstodraftsolvingplans
    3.after-saleservices 1)provideconsiderateservicestominimizeclient’sworries. 2)Helpclienttosolvetheassemblyquestion 3)takeresponsibilityifanytechnicalproblem Freesamplesforconfirmation OEMservice ANY INQUIRES FROM YOU WILL BE PAID SPECIAL ATTENTION!!
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