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light duty shelving warehouse light duty iron slotted angle shelf

light duty shelving warehouse light duty iron slotted angle shelf

SKU: light duty shelving - 042

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:top-notch light duty slotted angle rack
Model Number:light duty slotted angle rack TN-R045
Type:Selective Pallet Rack
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:500kg
type:light duty slotted angle rack
surface treatment:epoxy powder coating
light duty rack capacity:100-300kg
material:cold rolled steel
light duty:shelf/rack

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Standard Export Carton and Bubble Film.
Delivery Detail:7-10 days after order confirmation.
Specifications*light duty slotted angle rack;*epoxy powder coating;*Slotted angle rack;*simple and quick assembly and disassembly;

  • Description

    Product Description

    light duty slotted angle rack *epoxy powder coating; *Slotted angle rack; *simple and quick assembly and disassembly; * light duty slotted angle rack size:1200*400/500/600*2000mmorasrequire *Itisalsocalledlight-dutyshelving,consistsofangleposts,anglebeam *Material:Highqualitysteel *Surfacetreatment:Powercoating *Loadcapability:50-200kg/layer * light duty slotted angle rack easytoinstallordisassemblebysimplestructure *Adjusttheheightbypitch50mmor40mm *Maxloadingcapacityperlayeris150kgs *Suitableforelectron,medicine,education,lightindustryandlibraryareas *highqualityandprecisionengineeredAngleRacks *Abilitytobearstressandheavyloads light duty slotted angle rack Capitalizingonourexpertise,weareengagedinmanufacturingarangeof light duty slotted angle rack .Theseareproducedusingqualityrangeofrawmaterialandbyemployingaspecializedtechnology.Notablefortheirsuperiorfeatureslikedurability,corrosionresistance,highloadbearingcapacityandeaseofinstallation,theseproductsprovesuitableforawidevarietyofapplications. Weareamongthemostsoughtaftermanufacturers,suppliersandexportersofa light duty slotted angle rack ,whichisfabricatedinaccordancewiththepresetindustrialstandards.Premiumgradesteelisusedinproducingtheseproductsthatgivesitfirstgradestovingenamelfinish.Itisofferedbyusinstandardlengthof
    2.5and3meters.Further,thedifferentspecificationsinwhichtheseSlottedAngleShelvingsareavailable. light duty slotted angle rack light duty slotted angle rack light duty rack light duty rack light duty slotted angle rack .
    light duty shelving warehouse light duty iron slotted angle shelf
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