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light duty shelving light duty bolted steel slotted angle shelving

light duty shelving light duty bolted steel slotted angle shelving

SKU: light duty shelving - 078

Item:light duty storage rack
color:blue and orange
Load bearing:300-600kg
Material:steel stainless
Application:warehouse rack
Feature:easy to install and uns

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Knockdown package. The beams,shelves and upright posts are separate packed by cartons. Safe for long-distance transportation
Delivery Detail:Within 10-15 workday upon receipt of the deposit
Specificationshigh quality warehouse shelves medium duty rack made in China
1.simple structure
2.special design
3.best service and competit

  • Description

    Product Description

    light duty storage rack
    Brang name Parksonly
    Product Description Universal Angle Rack is a kind of light shelves,with the use of high quality cold rolled sheet.stamping forming,remove,easy to adjust,but the combination of agile,transforming sex is very strong,can according to customer’s requirements placed increase or decrease of layer board to achieve the best effect of storage.
    Product Feature
    1.Universal Angle steel shelves in appearance,superior performance,dismantling is convenient,the price is cheap and so on
    2.Universal Angle steel shelves can be arbitrary free combination,between layer and layer to fifty mm for the unit and can be arbitrary regulation
    3.Universal Angleshelf surface using electrostatic pensu processing,color can be custom-made,and strong corrosion resistance and antirust function
    4.Angle steel shelves apply to small warehouse, storage material lighter goods
    Material High quality cold rolled steel
    Layer 4 layers or as you request Weare professionalin making anddesigningvarious type of rack.if you are interested please feel free to
    light duty shelving light duty bolted steel slotted angle shelving
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