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light duty shelving Light duty 150kg warehouse shelvings 2016

light duty shelving Light duty 150kg warehouse shelvings 2016

SKU: light duty shelving - 007

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Yujiaxin
Model Number:MSMR series
Material:Stainless Steel
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:100~800kg/layer, customized
Width:300~1200mm, customized
Height:1000~2500mm, customized
Name:light duty industry shelving
Surface treatment:Powder Coating
Classification:Adjustable Pallet Racking System
MOQ:20Ft Container
Usage:Tool Rack
Included accessories:boltless
Packing:Top packaging service
Style:Adjustable Shelf Height

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:adjustable Steel Storage Supermarket Display Shelf/Household Storage Rack
1.in bulk
2.in plastic bag
3.as request
Delivery Detail:25-30 days after deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description adjustable Steel Storage Supermarket Display Shelf/Household Storage Rack
    Size(mm) 700*300*1500 900*400*1800 900*450*1800
    Self-weight 10kg 18kg 25kg
    Capacity weight 65kg 175kg 265kg
    Packing size(mm) 750*300*80 900*400*70 900*450*70 Factory Description
    light duty shelving Light duty 150kg warehouse shelvings 2016
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