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light duty shelving foldable light duty steel cheap metal shelving

light duty shelving foldable light duty steel cheap metal shelving

SKU: light duty shelving - 074

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Renfa
Model Number:Renfa-HD-0139202
Type:Plate Type
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:500-8000KGS
color:as your require
material:high class steel/ Q195
scale:warehouse equipment/pallet rack/tire rack/steel rack/storage shelf
surface finish:phosphating after plastic spraying
1.5 ton-3ton /layer or level
upright size:70*90*
2.5mm post or uright
beam size:50*110/120/140*
2.5mm step beam or box beam
stability and safty:with safety locker and screw,foot plate withexpansion pin

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:standard/board with carton/standing column with bubble foam packingbeam: 2pcs/ packing .upright: 1pcs one packingshelves:6pcs one packing.supported bar: 25pcs one packing
Delivery Detail:ASAP/generally 2 weeks after getting deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    light duty shelving

    1.Features: ·Rigid-structure,durable,versatileandeconomicalshelvingsystem,mostwidelyusedforstorageofdifferentitems. ·Availableinwiderangeofshelvingheight,depth lengthandloadingcapacitiestoclients’storageneeds. ·Fullyadjustableshelfheight. ·Veryeasytoinstallanddismantle. ·Rapidhandlinganddirectaccessofalmostalltypesofgoods. ·Maximizesspaceuseinanystoreroomconfigurationwhileretainingoptimumproductaccessibility. ·Strengthandrigiditypreventscompressiondamagetogoods.

    2.LoadCapacity Dimension: ·Loadingcapacity:800-3000kgs/layer,biggercapacityavailabletospecialneeds. ·Height:
    1,2000mm ·Depth:400-
    1,200mm ·Length:
    1,000-4000mm ·Specialsizesalsoavailabletospecificstorageneeds.

    3.MainPartsSpecs: ·Uprightsection:40*80*
    2.0mm,etc. ·Stepbeamssection:50*30*
    2.5etc., ·Steelpanelsthickness:0.7mm,0.8mm,
    1.2mm,etc. ·Horizontal diagonalbraces,uprightfootplates,safetylockingpins,bolts nuts,supportedbar,row-spacer,anchorsandallnecessarycomponents.

    4.Material: ·Q195 STEEL

    5.Surfacetreatment ·High-qualityPowderCoating.

    7.Certificate. ·SGS,CE,ISO9001 IV Packing data
    Item packing Package/carton
    Standingcolunm Bubblefoam 1pc
    beam Bubblefoam 2pcs
    Supportbar Bubblefoam 25pcs
    Plainbaord carton 6pcs
    locker carton Specialfeatures abouttheheavydutypalletracking:
    1.FrameandBeamMaterial: ColdrollingsteelSPCCDC0
    2. Plskindlyinformusthebelowinformationforusmakeaquotation:
    6.LARColoryouwant .
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