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light duty shelving Changshu Tianguan light duty storage shelving

light duty shelving Changshu Tianguan light duty storage shelving

SKU: light duty shelving - 026

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:light duty metal shelving
Model Number:light duty metal shelving
Type:Plate Type
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:100-1000kg/layer
use:warehouse rack
design service:free
warranty:2 years
type:light duty metal shelving
MOQ:small and mixed order are welcome

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:standard export package for Light duty metal store shelving
Delivery Detail:15-20 workdays after your deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Light duty metal store shelving Product Description
    Type Light duty metal store shelving
    Merterial steelcodeisQ235
    Logo or customized
    Color Anycolorisavailable
    Effect Warehouse,Factory,Supermarket
    Use Materialflow,electricalmechanic, aviation,electronics,machinery,automobile,post, railway,food,petrification,supermarket,financeandsoon.
    MOQ 50pcs,smallquantityandmixorderarewelcome
    Size customized
    Surfacetreatment Polyesterbakingfinishandepoxyresinpowderelectostaticprocess.Coatingthickness:45-110micron.
    OEM/ODM OEMandODMservicesprovided Perfectlyfitforeverybutton
    Placeoforigin Jinan Shandong,China
    Sampling 5-7days
    Packing Packingterm:FoamandcardboardSeparatedpackingmethod:Uprightframe,beam,supportboardseparatedinbox.
    Port Qingdao port
    Payment L/C,T/T,WestermUnion
    Material main component is cold rolled steel sheet
    Dailyoutput 5sets/day/setmould.
    Warrantytime Longwarrantytimefor2years,shelfworkinglifefor20years;
    light duty shelving Changshu Tianguan light duty storage shelving
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