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heavy duty shelving Rack 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Black

heavy duty shelving Rack 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Black

SKU: heavy duty shelving - 054

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:GZC
Model Number:GZC-001C
Type:Plate Type
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:800-1500kg/tier
material:high quality cold rolled steel
color:many colors for your selection
surface treatment:powder coating
upright size:80*60mm
layer board:steel&for you to choose
characteristic:stable&artistic&save space
funciton:make your goods neat and orderly
feature:derusting artistic
design service: offered

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:brown paper and air bubble belt
Delivery Detail:accordance with order qty always within 20 days
SpecificationsStorage Rack heavy duty shelving:
1.safe design, easy installment
2.load capacity:1-3T/ layer
3.size: optional

  • Description

    Product Description

    Heavy duty shelving warehoue storage steel rack with panel High quality,nice looking,economical and practical
    Description: Made of high quality cold rolled steel; With high strength and standing; With finishing of epoxy resin static powder coating; Level height adjustable; Making large utility of warehouse space; With loading capacity of 1000~2500kg/tier.
    1.Hight quality and durable
    2.beam height can be adjustable per 75mm
    3.many actual photo for customer reference: EXample picture: photo1 actual photo2 photo 3
    heavy duty shelving Rack 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Shelving Black
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