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heavy duty shelving Heavy duty warehouse attic storage shelve rack

heavy duty shelving Heavy duty warehouse attic storage shelve rack

SKU: heavy duty shelving - 056

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:hengke
Model Number:HK-CS-G23
surface treatment:chrome plated
material:carbon steel
Type:Other Cooking Tools
Metal Type:Carbon Steel

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:knock down package,safty for long distance transportation/can up to your need
Delivery Detail:10days after receiving the deposit
Specificationsheavy duty shelving
1.Near 10 year experirance
2.DIY sturdy design, best price
3.Japanese quality standard
4.All sizes

  • Description

    Product Description

    Chromeheavy duty shelvingcanbedesignedintoavarietyofconfigurationstomeetanyrequirement. Usethefree Hengkedesignlay-outserviceforyourcustomstoragesystem. Open wire construction provides ventilation for electronic and computer equipment. Add a Splash of Color! Five standard color options. Color coordinated accessories. Show off your merchandise or color coordinate your home or office using our colorful wire shelving.
    Model Specification(mm) Specification(Inch) Height(mm)
    HK1424 355*609 14"*24" 1000-2000mm
    HK1430 355*755 14"*30"
    HK1436 355*907 14"*36"
    HK1448 355*1215 14"*48"
    HK1460 355*1518 14"*60"
    HK1472 355*1822 14"*72"
    HK1824 457*609 18"*24
    HK1830 457*755 18"*30"
    HK1836 457*907 18"*48"
    HK1860 457*1518 18"*60"
    HK1872 457*1822 18"*72"
    HK2124 533*609 21"*24"
    HK2130 533*755 21"*30"
    HK2136 533*907 21"*36"
    HK2148 533*1215 21"*60"
    HK2160 533*1518 21"*60
    HK1822 533*1822 21"*72"
    HK2424 609*609 24"*24"
    HK2430 609*760 24"*30"
    HK2436 609*907 24"*36"
    HK2442 609*1060 24"*42"
    HK2448 609*1215 24"*48"
    HK2454 609*1370 24"*54"
    HK2460 609*1518 24"*60"
    HK2472 609*1822 24"*72" .
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