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heavy duty shelving Heavy duty adjustable steel server rack shelf

heavy duty shelving Heavy duty adjustable steel server rack shelf

SKU: heavy duty shelving - 007

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:GLOBAL
Model Number:Various
Type:Selective Pallet Rack
Feature:Suitable for Outdoors
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:7-21 tons per unit

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:We recognise the cost of labour to unload containers in some countries is high. This is why we can often pack some items so they can be unloaded by fork truck. Either way all our product is protected during transportation and once the container is full we use airbags to limit and movement of the goods during transit.
Delivery Detail:15 days
1.50 mm popular Pitch pallet rack
2.Designed to AS4084-1993 and International Standards ISO9001
3.Various Beams and uprigh

  • Description

    Product Description

    pallet racking pallet racking GlobalStandard Pallet Racking Pallet Racking is a system of beams and uprights used to support pallets in a warehouse .There are numerous versions of pallet racking .The most common is adjustable racking (APR),also called Selective Pallet Racking,here we will introduce Global Standard types of Pallet Racking Systems ,we mainly export to Europe and Mideast , Asia markets etc. GlobalStandard Pallet Racking provides efficient use of storage space for palletized loads. All steel are produced from National Large Scale Steel Group company with stable quality. With the wide range of options and components available, Global Standard Pallet Racking Systems can be made to meet your precise needs. World Class Design Designed to AS4084-1993 and International Standards ISO900
    1. Complies With The European FEM Regulations-The World Leader In Storage System Design. And all codes including SEMA. World Class Manufacturing Advanced Worlds Best Practice Production Facilities Only Quality Certified Steel ISO 9001:2000Quality Assured ISO 14001:2004 Global’s Standard Pallet Racking Has Such Features as follows : Various heights and beam lengths,box beam is made from 2 pieces of C section interlocked for added strength and rigidity Superior range of weight-bearing capacity, both 3 hookers and 4 hookers are available,5 hookers can be designed for special usage . A number of widely used configurations tailored to each premises Accessories to improve workplace safety and protect racks Independently certified to international standards 50 mm popular Pitch, easy adjustable
    Specifications of Upright
    Item Width(mm) Depth(mm) Thickness(mm) Loading Capacity(kg)
    1 85 67
    1.6 7000
    2 85 67
    1.8 8500
    3 85 67
    2.0 10000
    4 85 67
    2.3 12500
    5 100 67
    1.8 10500
    6 100 67
    2.0 12000
    7 100 67
    2.3 13800
    8 100 95
    2.0 12000
    9 100 95
    2.3 14500
    10 100 95
    2.5 16000
    11 100 95
    2.75 18000
    12 100 95
    3.0 20000
    13 120 95
    2.5 17000
    14 120 95
    2.75 19000
    15 120 95
    3.0 21000 .
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