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gravity rack Gravity feed wire pos pet food display racks

gravity rack Gravity feed wire pos pet food display racks

SKU: gravity rack - 057

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:BSL
Model Number:BSL
Material:Steel, Steel stainless
Feature:Suitable for Outdoors, Easy to install and unstall
Use:Warehouse Rack
Certification:ISO9001:2008 & TUV, ISO9001:2008 & TUV
Weight Capacity:300-600kg/square
Width:as your request
Height:as your request
Item:gravity fluent racks fluent racks
Color:Blue and orange
Load bearing:300-600Kg
Application:Warehouse rack
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Knockdown package. The beams,shelves and upright posts are separate packed by cartons. Safe for long-distance transportation
Delivery Detail:Within 10-15 workday upon receipt of the deposit
Specificationsgravity fluent racks fluent racks
1.Material:Cold-rolled Steel
2.Finish:Powder Coated Finish

  • Description

    Product Description

    gravity fluent racks fluent racks Product description gravity fluent racks fluent racks also called slip type rack, the roll wheel, aluminum alloy, sheet metal, etc, make use of the goods article fuent test bench self-respect fifo, storage convenient, as well as a replenishment take delivery of many times. gravity fluent racks fluent racks storage efficiency is high, a large number of goods for short-term storage and selection. Can match the electronic label, relixe the goods easy management, common sliding container have turnover box, parts box and carton, suitable for a large number of goods and short-term storage and selection. Product features
    1.gravity fluent racks fluent racks in a direct link to the article and beam and intermediate support beam, beam directly bang on struts,article fluently installation gradient depends on the sixe of the container, as well as the weight of fluency in the depth of the frame, usually take 5%-9%.
    2.The article in the beating capacity of the roller is 6 Kg, when the goods is heavy, can be in a groove installation 3-4 root article fluently.
    3.Usually in the depth direction every 0.6m to install a root support beam to increase the degree of fluency in steel. When the race is long, usable division board will roll way off.
    4.Ake delivery of end need to install brake piece goods reduction, reduce the impact. gravity fluent racks fluent racks sample show gravity fluent racks fluent racks application .
    gravity rack Gravity feed wire pos pet food display racks
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