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drive in rack TUV Steel Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racking

drive in rack TUV Steel Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racking

SKU: drive in rack - 077

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Beyondeck
Model Number:V-K01
Discription:Adjustable Pedestal / Paver Support
Material:PP + ABS
Head Diameter:128mm
Screw Diamter:68mm
Nut Diameter:73mm
Base Diameter:175mm
Coupler Height:100mm / 120mm
Performance Load:
1.5 T
Movable Spacer Thickness:2mm / 4mm / 6mm / 8mm
Type:Flooring Accessories
Flooring Accessories Type:Flooring Trims
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Carton Packing: 60*30*30 cm
Delivery Detail:10-20 days
SpecificationsVitian High Load drive-in storage rack
1. Adjustable Range: 30mm-750mm
2. Load Capacity:
1.5 T
3. Material: PP+AB

  • Description

    Product Description

    Vitian High Load Vitian High Load drive-in storage rack for Fountain Project Product Description Professional pedestals system for supporting and leveling all kinds of pavers without any damage of waterproof surface. Pedestals are designed to make leveling as simple and fast as possible. Height Adjustable from 30mm to 750mm. The max load capacity can reach
    1.5 T. Specification: of Plastic Pedestal:
    Description : Adjustable Pedestal Plastic Pedestal
    Material: Polypropylene or PC + ABS
    Color: Black
    Head Diameter 120cm
    Screw Diameter 66cm
    Nut Diameter 57mm
    Base Diameter 200mm
    Coupler Height E1=100mm; E2=120mm
    Built-in Spacer Thickness 3mm
    Movable Spacer Height 20mm
    Equalizer Thickness 1mm or 2mm
    Slope Corrector Diameter 206mm
    Slope Corrector Range 0-5% Height Range: of Plastic Pedestal: 30mm – 750mm Features: of Plastic Pedestal: 1) Low cost, longer service life(50years) 2) Used for indoor and outdoor 3) Easy installation 4) If you need anti-static function, equip with the coupled static mat 5) Environmental friendly 6) Application floor surface: HPL, core Raised Access Floor System, ECO chipboard and other Application: of Plastic Pedestal: Installation Guide: of Plastic Pedestal Packaging Shipping Certificates: of Plastic Pedestal Our Services
    drive in rack TUV Steel Warehouse Drive In Pallet Racking
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