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drive in rack Solid stout storage drive in pallet racking

drive in rack Solid stout storage drive in pallet racking

SKU: drive in rack - 067

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JINHUI
Model Number:JH-DR
Type:Drive-In Pallet Rack
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:1000kg-3000kg
Colour:Red,blue so on
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Experienced export packing (uprights and beams’ both end with cardboard ,then outside bundled tightly with plastic belts ) we have photos in the quotation file .
Delivery Detail:20 days after receipt of deposit payment.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Drive in pallet racking systemis a form of high density storage shelves. The storaged goods are according to Fisrt in Last out. It applies to handling storage and transport machinery. Drive-in Racking Features:
    1. The support rail, storagepallet according to the depth direction, one followed by one, which makes high-density storage possible.
    2. Cargo access from the shelves and out of the same side, after the first deposit check and balance weight and reach trucks can easily access of goods into the middle shelf, without taking a number of channels.
    3. Thisracking for storing large quantities and less variety of goods.
    4. Plug into the rack assembly of the whole structure, column structure film was fabricated, the total depth of the shelf against the wall region can be designed for the maximum depth of less than 7 pallets, in the middle region could total depth on both sides of the shelves and out usually in thedepth of 9 palletsin order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access.
    5. Widely used in various warehouses and logistics centers such as: food, tobacco, dairy and beverage industries, cold storage is also more prevalent. Purchasing Note:
    1.You must knowyour palletsize, into the cross direction, thepallet capacity, each pallet position requires the maximum weight of stored goods.
    2. Your warehouse storage size, height, location of fire hydrants, exits, and so on.
    3. Your forklift comprehensive data, the largest held high, the largest weighed, fork width. The above three points into the rack for the design must be considered indispensable. Goods from the shelves and out of the same side, after the first deposit to take, take after the first deposit. It is relatively low investment costs for long horizontal size, fewer species, quantity, used to store a large number of the samepallets of goods, and thus a larger storage density higher utilization of space on the ground. Drive-in pallet rack normally use the pallet storage solution ,most widely used in situation that your goods are in large quantity and few category . Drive-in racking depth are suggested to be less than 7 pallet depth ,because you have to drive the forklift to get the goods . Drive-in racking saves your 30% space ,because there will be fewer path in the warehouse than using other racking solutions . Specification of Drive-in racking In each storage row ,the goods are on the pallet fixed on the rail one by one closely ,make it possible for your thick storage solution . First in and Last out . Drive-in racking have strong structure ,can load heavy goods Most widely used in milk industry ,drink industry also in refrigeratory warehouse Nanjing Jinhui Storage Equipment Co. LTD specializing in warehouse racking ,Drive-in racking. We design according to your warehouse and pallet dimension ,make drawing and quote clear easy to understand The 3D videotex drawing for drive-in rack If you are interested just
    drive in rack Solid stout storage drive in pallet racking
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