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drive in rack ISO9000 CE heavy duty storage drive in rack

drive in rack ISO9000 CE heavy duty storage drive in rack

SKU: drive in rack - 035

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:FK Rack
Model Number:Selective
Type:Drive-In Pallet Rack
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:1-5tons
Product name:Drive In Selective Pallet Rack System
Shelf Type:Pallet racking
Surface treatment:powder coated
Raw materials:hot rolled steel
Size:Customer Size
Usage:Warehouse Storage System
Packing:Customers’ Request

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Drive In Selective Pallet Rack System:EXPORT PACKING
Delivery Detail:about 20 days after confirmed payment

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description
    Drive In Selective Pallet Rack System

    1.Features 1) Beamleversareadjustablein75mmpitchinterval.
    2) Differentsizes,variousspecificationsandcolorsareavailableaccordingto your differentneeds.
    3) Maximizesspace utility ratiowhileretainingoptimumproductaccessibility.
    4) Strengthandrigiditypreventscompressiondamagetogoods.
    5) Bottomlevelofpalletscanbestoredonthefloor,loweringstructurecosts.

    2.Material: HighgradeQ235BCold Rolled Steel

    3.Surface Treatment: High-qualityPowderCoatingFinishing.

    4.LoadCapacity Dimension: 1) Loadingcapacity:500-4000kgs/pair beam.
    2) Height:1 5 00-10000mm
    3) Depth:single row 8 00- 12 00mm ( decided by pallet size)
    4) Length:1500/2000/2500/2800/3000/3300/3500/3600 (
    1, 2 or 3 pallets per level, according to pallet size)
    Special sizesalso available tospecificstorageneeds.

    5.MainPartsSpecs(mm): 1) Upright: 90*70*
    2)Beams: 100*50*
    3)Horizontal diagonalbracings: 40*24*
    4) UprightFootplates: 120*120*
    5) Safetylockingpins
    6) Bolts nuts
    7)Anchorsandall necessarycomponents.

    6.Certificates. CEcertified, ISO900

    7.QuickDelivery. Within15 work days (negotiable), according to quantity Color Our Services Packaging Shipping Drive In Selective Pallet Rack SystemIn bulk: A.Each piece covered with stretch film, B.Uprights, beams stacked up in a rule,packed together separately, C.While shelf boards stacked up in a rule,packed together separately. Our partners
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