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drive in rack 2016 new design bv drive in storage racking

drive in rack 2016 new design bv drive in storage racking

SKU: drive in rack - 038

Place of Origin:Punjab, India
Brand Name:Solpack Systems
Model Number:racking system
Type:Automated Retrieval
Material:Stainless Steel
Feature:Suitable for Outdoors
Use:Warehouse Rack
Weight Capacity:Customized
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:system
Delivery Detail:ready to stock

  • Description

    Product Description

    Medium duty racking with good quality rack system Steel platform with a single support pillar family support, with primary and secondary beams floor support, the warehouse is divided into upper and lower2 ~3space in a unique shelf. Separated from the space can be used for storage or office. The characteristics of steel platform:
    1,Steel structure platform is usually in the existing workshop (DW) on the site to build a two layer or three layer the whole assembly type steel structure platform, space will be used by a layer of two layer, three layer into, make full use of space.
    2,Goods by truck or elevator Huoti into two building, third floor, and then by car or hydraulic carriage car shipped to the designated location. Steel structure platform compared with reinforced concrete platform, construction of fast, moderate cost, easy assembly and disassembly, and easy to use, beautiful new structure.
    3,Steel structure platform column spacing usually in 4~6m within a building, about 3M, two, third floor high of about
    2.5 m, column usually adopts the square or round pipe, main, secondary beam is usually the H type steel, floor panel usually adopt cold-rolled steel slab, pattern steel floor, steel grille, floor usually in the truck every square metre within 1000kg. All materials are high quality carbon structural steel, automatic spray the surface anti-corrosion treatment, bearing performance, the appearance of simple, generous, widely used in various industries, this kind of system for the third party logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Steel platform floor are the following types TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION :-
    1.Heavy duty warehouse rack 3000mm (H) x 900mm(D) x 2700mmL 2000kg/level, 2 levels
    2.Heavy duty warehouse rack 4500mm (H) x 900mm(D) x 2700mmL 2000kg/level, 2 levels
    3.Heavy duty warehouse rack 4500mm (H) x 900mm(D) x 2700mmL 2000kg/level, 3 levels
    4.Layer panel (optional )
    1.Including all necessary bolts and nuts ,Ancor bolts,and other accessories for installation.
    2. Including safety pins, Loading capacity:2000kg/level beam ,with 3 hooks . For any further clarification or technical query, please feel free to
    drive in rack 2016 new design bv drive in storage racking
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