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cantilever rack reselling heavy duty galvanized cantilever shelving rack

cantilever rack reselling heavy duty galvanized cantilever shelving rack

SKU: cantilever rack - 071

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Golden Peaks
Model Number:GP-WS018
Type:Cantilever Rack
Scale:Heavy Duty
color:standard RAL color

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:The brackets and shlef boards are in cartons, and upright post are in braied bags,also with pallet..
Delivery Detail:within 7-14days after the deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description This type of racking is suitable for keeping materials of big, long size, such as pipes and shaped steel, etc. Materials are put on the cantilever. This is suitable for small warehouse, and is popular with machinery processing and building-material supermarket. ♦Features ◊ Arms: both of the single side and double side are available ◊ Mainly used for storage long, circular or irregular shape goods ◊ Can be equipped with back wire mesh, back board, side wire mesh, side board and so on
    Loading capacity Depth Arms Height

    3,000mm 500-
    Special storage requirements are also available Ifyouareinterestedinourrack,pleaseofferfollowinginfoforaclearquotation: 1)- Length*Height*Arms of the rack 2)- Single side or Double side 3)- Loading capacity 4)- Layers youwouldlike Packaging Shipping Our Services
    Pre-sale services after-sale services
    1 Reply your inquiry in time 1 Report production state at every stage
    2 Design layout according to your requirements 2 Damaged parts will be replaced by new one in next order, when damage occured in the sea transportation.
    3 Quote favorable price for you within 1 day 3 Booklet or vedio of installation instruction will be offered freely
    4 Provide samples 4 Provide upkeep suggestions if necessary
    Services are the same important as products, welcome you, our esteemed customer to make suggestions for us to improve our services, and we will do our business better and better. Thanks! .
    cantilever rack reselling heavy duty galvanized cantilever shelving rack
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