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cantilever rack Industrial Steel Pipe Cantilever Storage Racking Systems

cantilever rack Industrial Steel Pipe Cantilever Storage Racking Systems

SKU: cantilever rack - 069

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Jiayuan
Model Number:JY-XB04
Feature:Corrosion Protection
Depth:As request
Weight Capacity:500-4000kg
Width:As request
Height:As request
color:any colors
use:warehouse, industrial field
scale:warehouse equipment
arm:single side or double side
standing:H shaped steel
tires:2-6 layers

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:single sided cantilever racking: Metal Strip, Transparent Film, Cardboard and Master Carton
Delivery Detail:7-15 days upon receving deposit

  • Description

    Product Description

    single sided cantilever racking Product Description Cantilever racking is mainly composed of columns, and other components of the cantilever beam, connecting rod, its characteristic is overhanging cantilever structure and lighter, load power, the deposit not specifications or long bar material, can greatly improve the utilization rate of the warehouse and work efficiency. ANd bracket can be one-sided or two-sided. Increase the or steel case board, particularly suitable for small space, low density of warehouses, convenient management and vision. Widely used in mechanical processing and building materials supermarket industry. Features:
    1, The overall stability is good, easy to install, complete accessories;
    2, Light structure butgood load capacity;
    3, Suitable for small space, low height of warehouse, space utilization high;
    4, Composite structure, high quality steel, plastic sprayed in the surface and color optional;
    5,Size and capacity can be fixed by users, allows extra long items to be stored;
    6, Mainly used for the storage of long, circular or irregular shape goods;
    7,Columns with H type Or cold rolled section steel;
    8, Arm using square tube, cold rolled steel or H Steel;
    9, Between the columns and arms is to be connectedin plug type or bolt connection type;
    10, The base and pillar in the bolt connection type, using cold rolled steel or base plate H Steel.
    Productsname Heavy Duty Warehouse RackCantilever Rack
    Brandname Jiayuan
    Features: Easyinstallation,Easymanagement
    Arms: singlesideordoubleside
    Using Widelyusedinmechanicalprocessingandbuildingmaterialssupermarketindustry.
    widelyusedin holding PVCconduit,waterpipeandwoodbar etc
    LoadCapacity Loadingcapacity:500-
    MainPartsSpecs: Uprightsection: 305X96X
    3.0mm , 350X96X
    4.0mm , 410X96X
    4.5mm , 90X300X
    2.5mm ,etc.
    Horizontal diagonalbraces,uprightfootplates,safetylockingpins,bolts nuts,anchorsandallnecessarycomponents.
    Material: High-qualitysteel,Q235
    Finish: Electrostaticspraying,ball-blastingtreatment
    QuickDelivery. Within25daysforordinaryorderquantity.Bigproductioncapacityallowusinapositiontomakequickdelivery. 10working daysfor1x20ftcontainer,15workingdaysfor1x40ftcontainer
    Certification SGSandAS408
    4,ROHSandISO9001 , CE
    ContainerLoading Generally10-15tonper1x20ftcontainer,20-25tonper1x40ftcontainer
    Packing Knockdownpackage.Thebeams,shelvesanduprightpostsareseparatepackedbycartons.Safeforlong-distancetransportation
    ReferenceDimension Height:3000-4000-4877-5000-6000-7000-8000-9000mm Depth: 4 00–1 5 00mm Length:800-900-1000-1200-1300-1400-1500-1600-1700-1800mm Othercustomizeddimensionsavailable Pictures showing: Arms, standing showing: Frame : High load capacity up to 21000kg.
    1, Frames include all the elements needed for assembly: bracing, feet and nuts bolts
    2, Blue epoxy coated (RAL any color).
    3, Standard heights : From 2 -1
    4, Adjusted by 75mm pitch. Beams: High load capacity up to 4200kg.
    1, Manufactured with the highest quality steel.
    2, Orange epoxy coated (RAL 2004).
    3, Lengths available: 1850/2250/2700/3300/3600/3900mm
    4, Boltless connection with 3 or 4 connector hooks.
    5, A security pins per beam to prevent accidental dislodgement.
    6, Powder coating finish Packaging Shipping Package and shipping: Standard Exporting Package for Cantilever Rackin the container, also special package is avaliable based oncustomers’ exact requirements. Plskindlyinformusthebelowinformation to makeaquotation:
    1, AUTOCADdrawings
    2, Width,height,lengthoftheshelf
    4, Howmanybaysandlayersyouneed?
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