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Professional Racking & Shelves Manufacturers and Suppliers
As shelves, mezzanine, pallet rack, workbench, pallet jack, pallet boxes, steel platforms, steel pallets, plastic pallets, rolling ladder manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, factory and company, we sales and wholesale the best and top high quality industrial and commercial – shelving, shelf, pallet racks, storage shelves, workbenches, pallet shelves, Wire shelf, material handling equipment, warehouse shelving, storage shelving, metal shelving, wire mesh, industrial shelving – solutions and systems for our customer, exports our product all over the world, including Australia, Middle East countries, North America, South America, Europe etc.

Our products range from selective pallet racking and shelving technology to various material handling equipment include.

Now we have developed into Group owning more than 600 staffs and has built 6 factories located in Nanjing,Nantong,Kunshan and Xiamen,covering a total area of 260,000 square meters. After these years development, with own powerful technical strength, advanced manufacturing equipment, mature procedure, complete system of Q.C, and professional after service team.

With our professional design team,we have years of experience to provide the best solutions to our customers. We successfully makes integrity, happiness, wisdom and innovation as the core value of our enterprise. We take customers’ satisfaction as the goal and pay attention to the development among customer, enterprise and employee.

Racking & Shelving
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